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More About Our Services

Enterprise Wi-Fi


ITHS has a long history in the WiFi market. From hotels and resorts, to stadiums, amphitheaters and arenas, our technicians have been able to optimize signals and coverage to provide visitors and patrons with an experience that keeps them coming back. Our expertise in this area is second to none.

We provide pre and post installation site surveys using Ekahau and Airmagnet.

Telecommunications TC Project Management


SmartTech™ is an ITHS program that provides comprehensive WiFi and network infrastructure deployments. These services provide professional project management, site surveys, equipment installation, heat mapping, cable certifications for copper and fiber runs, structured cabling, and more. It is a start to finish solution for any network project. If you only require some of these services, that's terrific. Just let us know how we can help on your next WiFi project.

Professional IT - I.T. Hardware Configuration and Installation

SmartHands™ Technicians

When you need extra help on a jobsite, whether it is help with infrastructure or installing network electronics and patching work, ITHS has the staff to meet your needs. Our staff is well versed in many areas of the installation project cycle, and can provide you with the short-term help you need to complete your project successfully.

Advanced Proactive Monitoring


Our Network Operations Team utilizes State-of-the-Art Network Monitoring tools to proactively monitor your network. Our proactive monitoring goes beyond responding to alarm events as we monitor performance for trends which may lead to alarms and work remotely to resolve them. We scan for changes in your network and automatically map and add them to your network typology down to the port level interface. On supported hardware models (those typically capable of Support SNMP), we can see throughput, errors, discards, CPU Load, temperature and many other operational KPI.

We provide mutli-tenant level access so that you can log in and check the status and usage statics of your network at any time. Custom triggers and alarms can be set based on your needs and you can allow our staff to remotely attempt recovery of the device or you may be notified directly or in conjuntion with our team.

DAS Distributed Antenna Systems Public Safety

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

Whether you are looking for enhanced cell coverage in your building, campus environment, or stadium/arena, ITHS can provide you with the coverage you need. We work with the leaders in the industry to make sure that your facility has the service your tenants or patrons need.

ITHS also provides Public Safety solutions operating in the licensed public safety bands including 700 MHz and 800 MHz.

Structred Cabling Cat6 Fiber Optic

Structured Cabling

As corporate BICSI partners, our trained staff of RCDD’s and technicians maintain the highest standards of quality and installation. ITHS maintains partnerships with most of the industry leaders to ensure that your IP based networks meet all the current industry standards.   Professional quality structured cabling. All cabling, from Cat6 to fiber optic, is warranted for a minimum of 25 years by certification and registration through our certified partnerships with leading manufacturers like Commscope, Panduit, Belden and Corning. All cabling work conforms to ANSI/TIA-568, ANSI/TIA-568-C and ANSI/TIA-569-C standards with strict compliance to the NEC. ITHS can professional design and install inside or outside plant, to include pathway and field fusion splicing to support PON and other SD Technology Solutions.

Data Center Rack Hardware Installation

Data Center

ITHS delivers comprehensive network infrastructure to help you meet the ever-expanding requirements of your data center. With a wide range of connectivity, infrastructure, and precision cooling and power, we are able to help you support next generation technologies with the flexibility to support a changing business environment.

Panasonic Partner

CCTV - Panasonic Diamond Partner

ITHS can meet all your CCTV needs. We are a Diamond Partner with Panasonic. Services include: Cat6 runs, pathway, viewing room build out, Video Insight configuration and design consultation.

24x7 Hotspot / Hospitality Technical Support Services and Network Monitoring

24 x 7 Technical Support

ITHS provides round-the-clock technical support services. Our advanced Network Operations Center monitors all network components in near-realtime for a multitude of issues going far beyond up / down statuses. Our 100% U.S. Based, bi-lingual support agents provide amazing support for your guests or end-users with 98% of calls in queue under 60 seconds.